Turkey has proved to be yet another emerging market country with ambitious goals in renewable energy and solar PV in particular. Its 2023 goal is to have installed an estimated 40 GW of renewable energy, including an estimated 3 GW of solar power. Strong investors’ interest was shown in the Turkish solar PV market when in June 2013, 9 GW of projects applied for the first round of licensing for utility-scale installations limited to just 600 MW. Next round of licensing is set for April 2015. Thew application process will be in compliance with Turkish Electricity Market Law No. 6446. Due to the current economic conditions the participation in the tender was abandonend. Still we focus on the market, the entry is planned according to given possibility.

AustrianSolar presence in the Turkish solar PV market is driven by a compelling business case due to the major market drivers: local economy high growth, electricity demand combined with rather high electricity prices, political object of diversification of the country’s energy matrix mainly to reduce the cost of natural gas imports from traditional suppliers as Russia and Iran. Relatively high solar irradiation in Turkey (1,400 kWh / sq m - 2,000 kWh / sq m annually) and the significant cost reduction in the PV technologies, present an opportunity to develop a source of cost-competitive electricity generation.       

However, the market development has had budget cuts mostly by: grid capacity shortage to accommodate the increasing number of solar PV projects, time-consuming and bureaucratic licensing procedures, land acquisition legal issues and lack of adequate financing of solar projects.